Life in Ireland: Comprehensive Guide for International Students

Students walking outside together in Dublin

Ireland, also known as The Emerald Isle, is a vibrant European nation known for its breath-taking landscapes and warm-hearted residents.

Being the only native English-speaking country in the European Union (EU), it offers a welcoming and familiar environment for international students. The capital city, Dublin, is the heart of Ireland's rich culture and hosts our prestigious pathway programmes to the globally renowned University College Dublin (UCD), ranked within the top 200 universities worldwide.

Living in Ireland: Culture, accommodation & lifestyle

Culture of Ireland

Ireland is renowned for its rich cultural heritage that includes literature, music, dance, and a long history of folk tradition.

The Irish are known for their warmth and hospitality, making you feel at home instantly. The nation's jovial spirit is showcased in the annual St Patrick's Day celebration - a festival of Irish culture and vibrancy.

Accommodation in Dublin for Students

Studying in a new country is an exciting experience but needn’t be daunting.

Thankfully, UCD offers students the opportunity to book a room at their university managed accommodation. You'll make lots of new friends, and living with other students is a great way to settle into life in Dublin.

Find out more about our secure and comfortable student accommodation at UCD, ensuring a peaceful study environment and a sense of community.

Lifestyle in Ireland

Safety is paramount for a student considering studying abroad in Ireland, and it excels in this aspect. It ranks within the top 3 safest countries globally, according to the Global Peace Index 2023.

The Irish are a happy and welcoming nation, always ready to lend a hand or share a story. This makes life in Ireland for international students a truly rewarding experience.

Travel opportunities abound in Ireland. The Giant's Causeway, Game of Thrones filming locations, and the bustling city of Cork are just a few hours away from UCD. Dublin ranks among the top 40 cities for students in the world and nearly 50% of the population is under 30. This gives Dublin a youthful and dynamic vibe, perfect for student life.

Higher education in Ireland

Studying in Ireland provides internationally recognised degrees and a diverse international community.

What sets Ireland apart is the opportunity for students to work post-study. Non-EU/EEA citizens who graduate from an Irish university can stay and work in Ireland under the Third Level Graduate Scheme. This is a unique advantage as Ireland is the only native English-speaking country in the EU offering such a facility to international graduates.

Why Choose University College Dublin (UCD)?

There are numerous reasons why UCD stands out as the ideal choice for international students.

  1. Ireland's Global University: UCD is home to over 9,000 international students from 152 countries, fostering a diverse and multicultural academic environment. Its Global Lounge provides an excellent space for international students to connect and collaborate.
  2. Beautiful Campus: UCD's Belfield campus is Europe's largest urban campus, with 133 hectares of landscaped parkland, modern academic and sports facilities, and secure accommodation options.
  3. Top-Ranking Education: UCD ranks in the top 13% of institutions worldwide, with degrees accredited by leading global professional organisations.
  4. Triple Accreditation: The UCD College of Business holds the rare triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, solidifying its position as Ireland's top business school.
  5. Supporting Employability: Many degrees at UCD offer internship or work placement opportunities, ensuring students are industry-ready upon graduation.

For more information about UCD and the why it might be the right choice for you, visit our UCD page.

Students looking to progress to a degree at UCD can consider our International Foundation Year, delivered at the International Study Centre.

We offer three subject routes for progression to UCD. Across each route, you will study a range of modules, designed to improve your English language and academic skills so you're ready to progress to university.

Living in Ireland as an international student is a unique and rewarding experience. So, what are you waiting for? Explore your options and make Ireland your next study destination!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Ireland a good place to live for students?

Yes, Ireland is a fantastic place for students. It offers a safe and welcoming environment, an internationally recognised education system, and a vibrant student city in Dublin. Plus, the opportunity to stay and work in Ireland post-graduation is an additional advantage.

Is Ireland friendly to international students?

Absolutely! Ireland is known for its warm and hospitable culture. With its diverse international community and English as the first language, international students find it easy to adapt and make Ireland their second home.

Why is studying in Ireland good for international students?

Studying in Ireland offers numerous benefits: internationally recognised degrees, a safe and friendly environment, and unique post-study work opportunities. Additionally, the cultural richness and dynamic lifestyle in Ireland contribute to a fulfilling student life.