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Undergraduate scholarships for international students

University College Dublin (UCD) and Dublin International Study Centre (ISC) are offering joint scholarships of up to €20,000 to international students.* The scholarship is available towards your tuition at the International Study Centre, as well as for your chosen progression degree at UCD.

Scholarship values

The following scholarships are available for students studying an International Foundation Year at the International Study Centre. After progressing to your undergraduate degree, you will continue to receive funding for each year towards your study in Ireland.

International Foundation Year at Dublin ISCUndergraduate degree at UCDUndergraduate degree at UCD

3-term course3-year courses4-year courses
Social Sciences, Arts and HumanitiesUp to €4,000€2,000 each academic year€4,000 each academic year
Business, Economics and FinanceUp to €4,000€2,000 each academic year€4,000 each academic year
Engineering and SciencesUp to €4,000€2,000 each academic year€4,000 each academic year

*UCD's scholarships are based on meeting eligibility criteria and academic requirements detailed in the terms and conditions and excludes students progressing to Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences, and Radiology degrees and sponsored students.

Am I eligible for the joint scholarship?

All self-funded students are eligible for the joint scholarship, excluding those who are progressing to degrees in Biomedical Science, Health & Life Sciences, and Radiology. Sponsored students are not eligible for these scholarships. To be eligible, you must:

  • Scholarships are valid for 2024/25 academic year programmes at the International Study Centre.
  • If students are offered with a scholarship for the International Study Centre programme, students need to confirm or conditionally confirm their place within two weeks.
  • Scholarships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum amount will not always be available, and students are not eligible for multiple scholarships.
  • If you're applying directly via our website, please ensure you select the following option "Self or family funded and seeking a partial scholarship from you.

Both scholarships are subject to meeting the published foundation requirements and subject to availability.

More information can be found here.

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